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Does your Windows system take ages to boot up?


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As time passes, your system's performance deteriorates. Luckily there are different programs aimed to prevent this, like Chris-PC RAM Booster, which monitors and optimizes your RAM memory usage.

Chris-PC RAM Booster is a really simple application. As soon as you open it a graph shows you the RAM memory that different applications and services are using, and how much free memory you have. Thus you can monitor your physical memory usage and avoid running out, because as soon as you start using Windows' virtual memory, your system's performance drops drastically.

This application can free RAM when you're using programs that consume a lot of memory, thus avoiding sudden decreases in performance. If you usually use your computer to play video games, or if you use several heavy apps at the same time, this program can be really helpful for you, and make everything run smoother.

In the program settings you can customize a memory usage limit. Whenever it's reached, the program will run automatically to free some RAM space.

Chris-PC RAM Booster can also adapt to laptops: it can deactivate the application's features when you're consuming battery, and activate them again when you're plugged in to a power source.

Trial version works for 14 days.

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